Joyce Greenbaum Gordon

I’m on the Product Management team at Amperity, where I lead development for our data science and marketing analytics products. I joined Amperity in 2019 by way of Amperity’s acquisition of Custora and relocated to Seattle to guide the strategic and functional integration of our products.

Prior to Amperity, I spent six years at Custora as a Director of Product Management and founding member of Custora’s product team, where I oversaw development of Custora’s Insights and Activations product, used by 7 of the top 20 US retailers by e-commerce revenue.

I led development of Custora v10, including Command Center, which enables executives to set, track, and root-cause progress towards business-critical customer goals. Command Center is used by the executive teams at companies including Lucky Brand, Otto GmbH (Venus Fashion), and Dagne Dover.

Prior to Custora, I was an Advanced Analytics consultant at Trinity Partners, advising pharmaceutical companies on health economics, venture investing, and forecasting.

I received my degree in Biological Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and am a proud alum of New York City’s Stuyvesant High School.

In my free time, I can be found playing the cello, hiking, or attempting to learn how to parallel park (not easy for a native New Yorker).